Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Italians in Thailand/6: the escalating squalor

As I've already explained you, even though I left Pattaya a few months ago I am not done telling you all the anecdotes I've learned when I was staying there. 

These are the latest stories S told me (we first met S here). I hope they also happen to be the last ones, as the escalation of their squalor doesn't seem to subside.
I jotted them down immediately after I listened to them, careful not to forget anything, using low level tone and terminology, sticking to what I had just heard. I meant to polish them all later on but then I thought that this kind of trash deserves expressive tools of a comparable quality. "Prostitutes" are therefore called "whores", "having a sexual intercourse" is "fucking" and...etcetera etcetera, we don't really need to open a vocabulary section here. If you cannot digest this hodgepodge (content and style) I really am sorry about it, I hope you can find other posts in this blog that you like better than this one. I had to write this one exactly the way I did though. Under certain circumstances you need to have an armored soul even to try to be politically correct. At the time of writing, mine is like a soap bubble that wavers and gets deformed while it glides downwards, bound to explode if it gets hit by just a gust of dusty air.

Story 1)
Mr. Gallina (a made up name that means "Hen" in Italian. Actually it's a different bird, but he's still Italian) got married with a whore and then bought a house where they went to live together.
Besides the ex(?)-whore it seems that he is also taking liberties with her daughters (the ones she had by some other men), young agreeable adults who are obviously happy to ask him money in exchange for that. Blood will tell, as the saying goes.
If you are already disgusted you need to know that the cesspool where Gallina enjoys weltering is actually deeper and more malodorous than that. It seems that he has his eyes (hopefully only the eyes, but this might just be a naive illusion of mine) on his own daughter as well, and unlike the others this one is only an innocent child. I answer amazed: "Come on! This is not possible!" And S keeps explaining: "Well, you don't know Gallina, he's done any sort of filthy thing..." 
No, fortunately I don't know him.
In the meanwhile Gallina takes a lot of other illegitimate whores to his place, when his legitimate one is not around. She's jealous and wants to kill him, probably reckoning that adultery is only a prerogative of hers, and that her husband's harem is an exclusive club, restricted to her and her daughters only. When I say "kill" I don't mean it as a figure of speech, I mean it literally. I'm talking about real murder. I.e. if she gets hold of him she is gonna kill him. Being acquainted with the rage fits some Thais are subject to when they feel they have been humiliated (you can read more about that here, here and here), I would take that threat very seriously. So does he, who in fact in the meanwhile has disappeared.

Story 2) 
Another guy bought a nice apartment and - not so wisely - left the keys to his trusted whore while he was in Italy. When he got back he noticed some changes in the furnishings, not all to his liking. For example, the LCD-flat-huge-screen TV set that he had bought is not there anymore: it has been replaced by an old cathode ray tube crock from the 80s. His lady claims that the nice one had stopped working, but considering her ethical sandards she is more likely to have sold it in the black market, along with all the other objects that have been replaced as a result of her interior design restyling process, pocketing the proceeds of the sale, besides the money that he gave her before leaving and that he sent her from abroad. The guy complained a little, then gave up and went on living with the woman who robs him. I doubt this is just about love: more likely he thinks he cannot find anyone better than her. I know, I know, sometimes my cynicism can be really unbearable.

I'm not finished yet, but let me take (and allow yourself) a little break. The torture will be resumed very soon...unfortunately I can guarantee that.

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