Monday, March 25, 2013

Italians in Thailand/7: the human sewage keeps flowing down

It looks like sewage but it actually is a stream
And it keeps flowing precisely from here...

Story 3) A third whoremonger was loafing around the dolphin square with a fancy new videocamera. A pretty girl approached him. After a brief conversation the two of them left together. His whore-monging colleagues looked at each other, amazed by what they had just seen. How come such a knockout left with a loser like him? (a personal note: I was not expecting that, but it seems that even to pick up a hooker you need to be cool and attractive) None of them saw him for a whole day. When he didn't show up for another night they suddenly remembered about the videocamera, put together the pieces of that puzzle, got worried and set out to look for him. Finding him was not such a difficult feat: he had been sedated and was still noisily snoring in one of the rooms where they all had been so often, with other women of the same kind. For a few days (!) they took care of him. As he was always half asleep they continuously tried to keep him awake, dragging him to take a breath of fresh air at regular intervals. Neither the victim nor anyone of his wretched friends had (or wanted to spend) money for a hospital. Besides his videocamera that moonlighter (whore and anesthetist) robbed him of all the money he had on him. Without needing to take even her shoes off. We can accuse her of a lot of wickednesses but not of been someone who sells her body for a song.

Story 4) Even S was drugged by a whore once (or maybe more).
She found out that he was hiding a few thousand euros in his room, took him to the beach for a walk and slipped something in his bottle of water on the sly. S started to feel funny. He said he wanted to go back to his hotel but that treacherous rascal kept trying to hold him back at the beach, alluring him with sexual proposals. With one last effort S managed to reach his hotel and store the money in his safe box before falling asleep for three consecutive days. The whore only managed to steal his phone and 1000 baht. Fortunately he didn't die, which is not so unlikely, considering that he is over sixty and has some heart condition. And that she is not a qualified pharmacist, one who knows about drug doses and other related topics. He suspects that she could have even thrown him in the water once he had fallen asleep on the seashore. Something that seems to have happened to other unlucky fellows in the past, even though for obvious reasons they didn't have a chance to tell the story themselves.

Story 5) S went many times to an alley looking for women who took him to fuck in some rooms that reminded him of Indian huts. Blow jobs and full sex: 100 baht, a little more than three dollars.
I'm not so sure, but if I close my eyes and I try hard enough, putting together the worst fragments of humanity thrusted in my memory into a sort of frankensteinian patchwork, I might be able to imagine what kind of women can sell their body for so little. Disgusting...

Story 6) Another guy, who looks like a nice person, told S about a mishap he met with, just to warn him against it. A few weeks earlier another Italian invited him to his place to eat some lousy spaghetti, and handed him a 1000 baht bill after that, more than at any luxurious Italian restaurant in town. Let's say about three times as much. Apparently he does that with any newcomer, as a token of welcome on behalf of the Bewildered Fellow Countrymen Reception Committee. S didn't really need the tip, as he already knew well both the person and the scam. A few days later the nice guy invited S to his place. S arrived there in time and found him drinking beer and talking with the rascal - the President of the Suckers Reception Committee. The fox inside the chicken coop, invited to enjoy the feast by the rooster himself. What a bad thing loneliness can be. Fortunately I seem to be pretty immune to it.

The end.
Well, hopefully it really is...

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