Thursday, March 4, 2010

The real mosaic - Istanbul, Turkey


Photo of olives at an Istanbul market, by Fabio Pulito

Boats like splinters thrust into the Golden Horn,
the ripples of the Bosphorus clotted by an optical rennet:
it's not a still frame or a digital shot,
but a painted landscape by a visionary vagrant.
Posing like a bantering, whimsical model,
the city looks at history that hurries, tugs and raves.
Mosques and Churches squeeze buildings and bazaars,
the pressure pushes up bell-towers and minarets.
The real mosaic is not stuck to the naves,
it's tiles of history, customs and faces.
But the complicated structure of stone and colors
is simplified from a terrace,
with black olives and tea.

Istanbul, autumn 2009

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