Friday, March 12, 2010

General feeling of paREDnoia in Bangkok

Some of the most curious pieces of news on the first day of protests in Bangkok:

A merry journey out of town: "Some members of the Shinawatra family have just left the country. According to Thaksin's legal advisor they aren't running away, as they had planned the trips in advance."

Thousands of poor people take to the streets to protect his interests and what does he decide to do? He turns stingy all of a sudden: "Protest leaders only managed to gather hundreds at each spot. A reason could be that the organizers have requested Bt500 million from Thaksin for a five-day campaign, but Thaksin cut it down by half." A government backed commission just ruled that a 46 billion baht share of Thaksin's assets must be seized."

Emergency related chauvinism: "According to the Phuket Gazette, due to the unstable situation in Bangkok and the bomb blasts reported today in Surat Thani city, foreign tourists are to be routed to the island-province of Phuket."

And the last smelly (but politically correct) gem: "A Red Shirt leader claimed that three different types of excrements will be used against Prem, Abhisit and Suthep. Men's excrements will be thrown at Abhisit, women's excrements against Suthep. And the "third sex" excrements against Prem." What a demonstration!

Photo of Red Shirt demonstrators, from the Bangkok Post

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