Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Excrement vs blood - Bangkok, Thailand

After having threatened to throw three different kinds of excrement (man's, woman's and of the "third sex") at some members of the government, the Reds announced that they will pour one million cc of their own blood around the Government House. 

Criticisms that have been raised can be grouped in three main areas:

- hundreds of demonstrators will have to donate blood on the streets, within a short time. Do they have the necessary equipment and trained personnel?
- hundreds liters of human blood on the ground: apart from the gruesome nature of the scene, what are the possible consequences from a sanitary point of view?
- one million cc of blood that could be donated to the city's hospitals or the Thai Red Cross: what a waste...and what an embarrassing gesture! Do they really want to make such a bad impression on the public?

Considered all this, as disgusting as it may seem, it's still much better to throw some poop!

Blood vs shit: vote for shit! 

Photo "Blood nose" by Steve Kay (CC), from flickr

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