Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thoughts, rounding up!/17

With these thirteen new thoughts we reach a total of one hundred.

- It's mathematics man. If you spend too much time worrying about how you live you won't have a lot left to enjoy your life.

- Growing up? No way! I prefer dying like this than living like that.

- Sometimes I feel like a hermit lost in the midst of a crowd.

- Surrounded by so much mediocrity...and not  even being able to take advantage of it.

- If you really want to feel alive sometimes you have to make a mess.

- In our own way we are artists too. Our creative form? The most rudimentary and instinctive one: living.

- Taking the risk of being bored is much better than pretending to be having fun.

- And...you need some talent to be able to fight boredom.

- Free? Not in the least: I'm a slave of my restlessness and the freedom that I impose upon myself is just a way to give vent to it.

- Why do some men unbuckle their belt and unbutton their pants when they have to pee? Didn't they notice that slit with a zip a few centimeters below?

- Damn...this world is a trap and I keep falling into it.

- Do you see them? They talk a lot to make a nice living. Sometimes I think that I'm living just to have a few nice chats.

- Disappointment is often the offspring of overestimation.

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