Tuesday, January 3, 2012

When a crucifix becomes trendy - Bangkok, Thailand

While the debate over religious symbols keeps raging in Europe - ladies veils, where and how? Crucifixes in school classrooms, yes or no? - in Thailand the latter are often used as slightly bizarre fashion accessories, like colored contact lenses and fake dental braces.
In Bangkok you often come across a girl who wears a crucifix hanging from a nice silver chain or a hippier leather string over her sexy shirt.
"How come, aren't you a Buddhist?" I once asked one of them.
"Sure! My crucifix is here..." she said as she was touching her pendant with a fingertip. Then, after shifting her finger a few centimeters away, hinting at her heart, she added: "but Buddha is right here..." 
Do you have a mystic debate to solve? Go to Thailand...

Photo by nathangibbs (CC)

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