Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas poem, which actually is not just about Christmas

So you're going shopping to kill some time,
the most stupid hobby, yet the smartest scam, 
which yields its best when Christmas comes.
In this day the son of the Lord was born,
and to celebrate together this holy event
we go buy a bag, a dress and a phone.
Those jingling bells are busting my balls,
but you dream of a white Christmas,
to play with some snow.
And if you're at the tropics where it's not so white,
they are gonna spray some foam
to make it right.
Here come the Magi,
with their precious gifts,
all branded CK, LV and D&G.
Lying around the manger
are no oxen nor asses 
just some devices from the Apple store.
Jesus was born today and to pay our respects,
as St.Francis taught us
we spend all we have.

Have a great and very expensive Christmas!

Photo by Funky64 (CC)

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