Thursday, September 1, 2011

Barrage of thoughts/15

Photo by gwilmore (CC)
- Inverse proportionality: if the perception of living a good life is big, worries about when and how one will die will be small.

- Asian cuisine: if you find ginger disgusting it will always be like that, but if you don't give up on coriander sooner or later you'll like it.

- Self-deception: relishing the conviction that if a little belly is still bulging after a few months of exercise then some mighty abdominals must necessarily be pushing up from below is actually very nice.

- Only one financial condition can be more upsetting than poverty: shown-off wealth.

- Nowadays fascism has lost most of its old party connotations, being reduced to the rank of a simple, politically transversal attitude: a mix of bullying, cowardice and other more or less unpleasant ingredients.

- Inconsistencies: that type of woman that looks at you as if you had tried to rape her just because you smiled at her and a few seconds later is staring with Cinderella-like eyes at a baboon who is squeezing her boobs.

- I've never really been a fan of communism, nonetheless there are a few rich people who I don't like at all.

- It takes so little to achieve success, but this doesn't mean that it's easy at all! If one has more than that little needed it actually becomes quite complicated.

- If anger, frustration, irritation, envy or jealousy get the upper hand, before it's too late give vent to them with a pen and a sheet of paper.

- How many battles can you lose before the whole war can be considered compromised? 

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