Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The tipping point - Malcolm Gladwell

Item number four. Let’s look at epidemics from a different, non health-related angle. 
In “The tipping point” Malcolm Gladwell explains how ideas, messages, products and services can spread like viruses do.
All they need to become viral is the perfect balance of three ingredients: 
1. The law of the few - not all the infected/infectious individuals are the same: a successful chain of contagions includes connectors, mavens and salesmen.
2. The stickiness factor: how memorable is the underlying message? 
3. The power of context: time and place count.
All the authors mentioned in this list have a special gift (sometimes more than one): Malcolm Gladwell’s one is his ability to make all his points clear and inspiring by use of a set of extremely revelatory examples. 
Although the book was published over twenty years ago its message is still valid today.

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