Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Sapiens - Yuval Noah Harari, The third chimpanzee - Jared Diamond

Third item on the list. This is actually a pair of volumes. As usual, see my home page for the previous entries.
Do you want to know why we - as in "we, humans" - are the way we are? What makes us similar to other living beings (hence "the third chimpanzee")? What makes us different? Why our brain works the way it does (hence "sapiens")? Why we do the things we do? And why some of us do those things a little differently? Most importantly, do you want to know how we evolved to be what we currently are? Yuval Noah Harari and Jared Diamond will brilliantly answer all those questions and many more.
Harari is a new entry on this list, whereas we have already met Diamond (Guns, germs and steel). They are two of the finest writers I've read. Highly recommended.

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