Monday, October 15, 2012

There's a good and a bad way (to become Italy)

Who wouldn't like to become rich? Not necessarily very rich, just moderately wealthy or at least well off, possibly in a (respectfully) abundant way. Being able to leave the most tedious engagements behind, to jettison that heavy ballast of ordinary working life, devoting oneself to one's own interests without worrying about the limited resources. Or perhaps go on working like mad, but not just for a meagre salary: it would be nice to be finally able to do it for one's own ideas and projects.
Rich, it's alright then. But there is a good and a bad way to achieve that goal. The first is the noble one, based on great ideas, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, genius, intuition and good will.
And then there is the other one. I mean the other way to make a lot of money. Italy is full of rich, mediocre people with only one skill: unscrupulousness. Money is their only goal, the ultimate purpose of each one of their acts, thoughts, words and breaths.
This busy crowd harbors some despicable creatures, ready - or even happy - to trample on other people's right, to give up friendships and affections, to undermine the health or even the lives of others, to take people to the cleaners, to exploit shortsightedly human and material resources, to pollute the environment - as if they could afford to go to sleep in a clean galaxy, far away from here, after having removed their pressure suit -, to upset or wipe out ancient traditions, to break not only the law but the most basic moral principles, to fuck the state, society and system that raised, educated, took care of and treated them, which is precisely what makes a difference between them, that is to say us, and the masses of poor wretches scattered all over the world that these shortcut-to-richness people look down on, spitefully, as if they had earned the advantageous position they are so proud of with their skills, or if its origin was hidden within the double helix of their DNA. And all this is camouflaged with a hypocritical smile, painted on a never satiated mouth that keeps gorging itself on anything at hand and when the situation calls for it is ready to vomit those trite, cowardly few excuses they love so much. 
Presumed finance and business geniuses who would never give up their jewels, luxury and vices, and in order to reduce the effects of an economic crisis let unpaid invoices rot in dusty drawers, don't answer their creditors' calls, find ridiculous excuses to delay their employees salary payments, run out the backdoor when a supplier comes to get his money. Often mirrored by the officials of the public administration who adopt similar, or even worse practices. 
After all they are just wicked people with parvenus' wallets, beggars' appetite and mean behavior. As per their souls...well, there aren't souls anymore: the devil bought them long time ago. 

Photo by ~jjjohn~ (CC)

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