Monday, October 1, 2012

Bizarre images/1

Funny and/or bizarre scenes personally seen and captured

It's so hot today...I need to find a cool place. A basin full of ice is exactly what I'm looking for! (Bangkok, Thailand)

You need to pee? Just climb up the toilet-tree! Saigon, Vietnam)

Where did I put my cake? Ah there it is...OH NO! (Bangkok, Thailand)

hmmm...sushi, yummy!! (Pattaya, Thailand)

KL LRT wish you all a good night! (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

 Probably in that shop they're giving away gold for free...(Bangkok, Thailand)

 Fabiệtcộng getting out of a secret tunnel (Cu Chi - dintorni di Saigon, Vietnam)

 Times of crisis for the Italian police as well...(Ferrara, Italy)

Fish SPA? They call them wellness centers, but this is a real tickle torture! (Pattaya, Thailand)

It appears to be defunct (Pattaya, Thailand)

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