Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Funny signs/6

I often come across some funny signs, billboards, notices and labels. When it happens I always make sure that I don't leave the spot without a photo. I'll post them here a few at a time.

From outside this looks just like another Pattaya Go Go bar, with pole dancing girls, erotic shows, keen hostesses, etc...but then you spot that sign and you suddenly have some doubts...maybe it's something else...a Western steak house or a Korean barbeque restaurant...(Pattaya, Thailand)

As this is a fixed road sign the accident must be permanent. Meaning that there constantly is an accident ahead. (Pattaya, Thailand)

We sell you sweet corn, you thank us...NOW! (Koh Samui, Thailand)

Hey, have you seen that bar?
Ah, yeah, I've been there a couple of times...
Really? Cool! How's that beer then?! I got no idea...nerd...

(Pattaya, Thailand)

Cultural references...this in Italian means: "Whoring tour"!!! (Pattaya, Thailand)

The URGENTLY need money......(Koh Samui, Thailand)

Some people also recycle old signs...(Koh Samui, Thailand)

We would love to keep the beach clean...if you helped by emptying those bins now and then!
(Koh Phangan, Thailand)

Hey, check that out. That bar has Ladyboys, LADYBOYS!
Yeah, exactly, let's go somewhere else then...
(Pattaya, Thailand)

This sign is extremely clear, it means: "Squatting on the toilet bowl and taking a dump on the water tank while pretending to be driving a car is STRICTLY forbidden" (Pattaya, Thailand)

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