Monday, March 7, 2011

Pastime thoughts/12

Photo by Kevin Eddy (CC)
- The cowl doesn't make the monk, it's true...but it can disguise a fake one very well indeed.

- After much thinking I finally got it: you're in an open relationship when your bedroom door has come off its hinges.

- Being ordinary is not a fault...provided that one doesn't make a fool of himself by trying his best to appear an outstanding person.

- Fortunately I'm continuously reminded by others of how sad my condition as a single is: in fact when I am alone I never think about it.

- Some people must think that having fun is an evil act. They always seem to need some kind of excuse to get involved: charity events, theme concerts, demonstrations, web based initiatives, pseudo-political activities. I might be immature, vain, a careless selfish, but I don't need a pretext to have some fun without sense of guilt.

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