Monday, July 19, 2010

Abused Italian/3 - Miscellanea

A collection of common mistakes and misconceptions 

Pepperoni: peperoni (check its spelling) means "peppers', then someone added a "p" and they surprisingly turned into sausages.

Hawaiian pizza: alright Sir, and may I suggest a Norwegian reindeer tikka masala on the side?

Salami: it's plural. How many salami do you want to eat? A quarter salame is enough to get you pimples for a month...

Nutella and Rocher chocolates: they both are Italian products, brand names registered by Ferrero Company, Alba. It's true, you can read "Made in Australia" or "Made in USA" on some boxes : it's because Ferrero has some production plants in those countries as well. Your computers and phones are made in China, but they are still American, European or Japanese products, right?

Oil into the pasta pot: alright, but only if you use five to ten spoonfuls of a very high quality organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil! Come on, what a waste, you can save your oil: if you don't want your pasta to stick together you just need to stir it a couple of times.

Rolling spaghetti with fork and spoon: a spoon? Isn't the surface of the plate big enough?

Cooking time: some people check the cooking spaghetti by taking one out of the pot and throwing it at the wall. If it sticks to the tiles then it means they're ready. I could easily patronize them by pointing out that the cooking time is written on the pasta box, or that you can just taste a noodle and see if you like it, but this is such a funny procedure...

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Photo "Spaghetti indigesti", by Nardino (CC), from flickr

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