Friday, February 19, 2010

Appearances - Bangkok, Thailand

Some ladyboys toss, squawk, point at something. Everybody turns around but the action is gone. A foreign tall guy, wearing linen clothes, stands still for a while and then walks away. There's another man on the ground, motionless, bleeding. People rush to give some help, while the culprit is shown to a couple of cops. He draws near, gesticulates and tells his story. The other provoked him with two kicks in the groin, he endured the first one and then knocked him flat. He's arrogant and tipsy. People stare at him, it seems that they have already decided to blame him. The cops take him away and an ambulance arrives. Some paramedics remove blood stains from the victim's face: he writhes while a tourist tries to hold him still. They ask him some questions, he only answers Russia. A few moments later he opens his eyes, then without saying a word he hits the tourist with a jab.
Suddenly everybody is assailed by a doubt. Judging by appearances is a risky gamble. The beanpole is arrogant but he might not have lied, without even been listened to he was handed over to the cops. And a naive tourist, helping his victim, as a token of gratitude got punched in the face.

Photo "Fighting wolves" by Tambako the Jaguar (CC), from flickr

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