Friday, February 5, 2010


They say that in 2012 we will all drop dead. Some deny it or make fun of it, while others minimize it: there won't be any catastrophe, nor a last judgment: it'll be a revolution, a change in social order. At first I brushed it off, laughing with scorn. But little by little I'm changing my mind: I perceive an opportunity in the catastrophe theory. I've been wondering for years what I'll be doing when I'm old, weak, ailing and without a pension. Suicide is a possibility, the intimate solution, but I lack the courage of the great men, or even the discipline of the Samurai. A powerful cataclysm might give me a hand. 2012 is a little early though: if only it could happen a few years later than that...

Photo of The last judgment, Sistine Chapel, Rome, by Michelangelo Buonarroti, from


Unknown said...

i have the same thought after watching the movie 2012.. i even did some read up (i hardly read)on this issue, i agree with u that its a little too early if it really happened.. thats y enjoy every moment u have.. actually m getting worried 2 :(

Fabio said...

Well I'm not really getting worried, as I think that nothing will happen. But at least it got you into reading...that's great!

Anonymous said...

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