Sunday, January 3, 2010

Your bag is open - New Delhi, India

(Spring 2003)
I need a new passport, the old one is gone: no more pages left, stamped off in few years, with Asian touches of red and blue ink, a South American opening and Australian stickers. First thing that I need are two passport photos and I'm going to get them at Connaught place. "Don't listen to anybody when you walk in that area, the place is full of swindlers and touts" people have told me again and again. I'm walking on the sidewalk, with steady pace. I sense that somebody is following me. "Sir...Sir...excuse me, Sir...Sir...Sir...your bag is open..." I follow the advice and pretend I don't hear him. "'re bag is open!" I'm deaf, I'm an idiot, I can't speak English, whatever it is, I'm not going to reply. "Sir...SIIIRRR! YOU'RE BAG IS OPEN!" I walk, walk, keep walking, non-stop. "SIR! SIR!" Still no reaction. "SIR! SIR! FUCK YOU MAN!" He finally quits and fades away. I arrive at the shop and reach for the bag...fuck you man, it was open indeed!"

Image "Boston terrier puppy inside a bag" by Fogstock Llc, from

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