Saturday, May 4, 2024

The enchantress of Florence - Salman Rushdie

This is not the first book by Salman Rushdie that I read. He somehow reminds me of Umberto Eco: impressive historical references, wonderful command of the language and astonishing creativity.
The main locations of the novel are Mughal Hindustan and Florence, Italy; many chapters, though, are based in between those two places: Uzbekistan, Persia and the Ottoman Empire above all.

One day an out of the ordinary Italian young man arrives at the Mughal court, is received by the emperor and starts to tell an interesting story about a forgotten member of the Mughal family, a fantastic plot that includes the emperor's ancestors, Uzbek kings, Persian Shahs, Ottoman sultans, the Medici’s family, Andrea Doria, Machiavelli and the Vespucci cousins. After the storyteller gets started with his task, the life at court will never be the same again. 
Rushdie sapiently stirs history and magic, and the result is yet another masterpiece by this great Indian author. 


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