Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Hitler - Johann Chapoutot, Christian Ingrao

We all somehow have the impression that we know a lot about Adolf Hitler as a historical figure. Even those who haven’t read any books about Nazism or WWII have surely watched at least a documentary or a couple of war movies on those topics.
Yet, it turns out that most of the common ideas about this famous character are at the very least overestimated, at times even outright wrong. His fame as an evil genius is usually blown out of proportion (as far as the “genius” part of the expression is concerned), and his assumed fame as a great military tactician is as far from reality as it can possibly be.The truth is that, although he was definitely highly skilled as an orator and possessed both a great memory and a disproportionate ambition, he managed to transform himself from a commonly ridiculed fanatic into one of the most powerful people in the world thanks to some extremely favorable geopolitical contingencies, and because he represented almost perfectly a very common type of German mentality.
Read this work by two outstanding experts on the subject to learn more about it.

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