Tuesday, January 11, 2022

1Q84, Kafka on the shore, Killing commendatore - Murakami Haruki

These three books are typical Murakami Haruki's style, full of metaphors, surreal events, bizarre characters and historical references.
The story always starts when the lives of the main characters have reached some kind of a dead end. There is some deep meaning that must be deciphered in order to untangle the messy knot, a mystery that is most often hidden among the brush strokes of a mesmerizing painting or the chapters of a fancy novel. The process might take the protagonists on a trip to the unfamiliar dimensions of a netherworld, a thick forest inhabited by soldiers of a distant epoch, or maybe a parallel world with two moons. It is also a journey to the human subconscious deepest recesses. Each book has its dark side as well: homicides, suicides and violence abound in Murakami’s world. And finally there is music, a lot of it: jazz, classical and rock, you name it.
Reading a Murakami’s novel is a multisensory experience. Totally healthy and side effect free.

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