Thursday, June 3, 2021

The grand design - Stephen Hawking & Leonard Mlodinow

Pandemic book list, 21st item. This might well be the last one. I’ll keep reading, of course, but I hope I won’t update a pandemic-related list anymore.
I remember Stephen Hawking's appearance on the TV show “The Big Bang theory”: he was witty, self-ironic, clever, opinionated and self-confident. He totally SheldonCoopered Sheldon Cooper himself!
Well, that’s pretty much what his writing style feels like.
Even though the author doesn’t use complex formulae and equations, a couple of the book chapters require some effort and possibly a little scientific background. Making it to the end of the book is rewarding though: answering some of the most apparently unanswerable questions human beings have been asking for centuries is possible. We don’t know everything - maybe not even much - about us, our past, our future, nature and the cosmos, but we are getting somewhere. We’re not totally lost in our quest for explanations and knowledge.
And yeah, nature might have done it all by itself, without any metaphysical help whatsoever. The best thing is that this version of the story is not sad or disappointing at all. On the contrary, it’s fascinating, mesmerizing, even poetic somehow.
Happy learning everyone.

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