Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Funny signs/10

I often come across some funny signs, billboards, notices and labels. When it happens I always make sure that I don't leave the spot without a photo. I'll post them here a few at a time.
Caution! - Koh Samui, Thailand
Thanks a lot, it's so kind of you - Shanghai Pudong airport, China
Why??? - Suzhou, China
Only the Chinese spit here, the English translation is unnecessary - Suzhou, China
Thai is more difficult than English, that's the final proof - Bangkok, Thailand
Apparently if you pop a viagra you'll become a contortionist - Hong Kong
They just opened a police station in paradise...what is this world coming to? - Koh Chang, Thailand
This pharmacist thinks medicines are useless: Jesus heals! - Puerto Princesa, Philippines
Scratch the HELL... - Koh Samui, Thailand
Soviet style! - Kazan, Russia
You can find more funny signs here.

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