Monday, April 8, 2013


- Some people trade freedom in exchange for wealth. Whenever I can I do exactly the opposite.

- A a young boy I was such a failure with girls that, when overcome by frustration I finally decided to masturbate, I found it hard even to seduce my hand.

- You are reluctant to use a muzzle and then you train him like a Gestapo dog? That way you are not only caging his mouth, but his whole soul!

- Yeah, sure, making decisions is easy...when they are not your own.

- Some say that a reasonable dose of stress is good for one's health. However, while they're saying it they shiver, stutter and wriggle in a dreadful way.

- I don't have a wife, children, a steady job, a house, a car, shares, funds, pension plans, savings...what the hell am I so happy about?

- You ask me commitment? I can't give it to you, not because I'm mean, just because I don't have any.

- The best way to overcome the fear of being robbed is to possess as little as possible.

- Advice to those tourists who have just landed in Thailand: if you think that a girl might actually be a guy...then it's a guy. If she really looks like a girl...take a second look at her before you decide. 

- When fascists call you a communist, communists call you a fascist, religious people call you an heretic and atheists a fundamentalist, you might be a bit of an asshole, but you can be proud of your independence of mind. 

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