Thursday, June 23, 2011

Slanting thoughts/14

Singapore skyscrapers, by Fabio
- You're saying that I am not good at selling myself. Maybe you're right, but I don't think so: I only dislike some of those personal marketing techniques. 

- There are a lot of things I did that I am ashamed of. One of them is pretending not to recognize someone for reasons that might seem obvious but are not obvious at all. The fact that they did the same with me doesn't comfort me by one bit.

- Can you picture those women who stay with a man just because he's rich? I don't blame them, of course, at most you could say that they are not so romantic. Those men though...we should only hope that they are not too jealous.

- One should write when he has something to say, not just to remind the world that he exists. 

- Most of those people who would never disturb you when you are writing an sms, eating, talking with someone or on the phone, will surprisingly think that you have nothing to do if you are reading, which is possibly the noblest among those activities.

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