Saturday, May 14, 2011

Time killing thoughts/13

Photo by Brandon Christopher Warren (CC)
- Between fake open mindedness and genuine backwardness I have no doubt: much better the latter.

- Listen, it's very simple: I look like a loser because I AM a loser. For your standards and values, at least, I definitely am...

- Modestly - and recklessly - speaking, I think that I am one of the most free persons that I know. Only a few of my vices enslave me and they are, after all, things of little importance.

- You're on a train, comfortable, warm, the illusion of belonging might last forever. Then you arrive to your destination and the idea of having to get off tears you away from your seat like the hand of a giant. It's an alien place, its language and culture unknown, you haven't booked a room, you don't have any information, everything has to be found out...only one certainty: for the nth time you're back into the game.

- Everybody, at least once in his life, has felt like a Robert Deniro in the movie "Casino"...taken for a ride by some Sharon Stone...

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